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About Kids at Heart

Bringing the joy of learning to the whole child through visual, aural, kinesthetic, and tactile products and activities.  

Becky Manfredini and Jenny Reznick have been involved with the practice and theory of childhood education their entire careers. This is not an exaggeration! It's vital information about this mother-daughter creative team.

Many years ago, while teaching elementary school, Becky promoted the practice of working collaboratively to develop interdisciplinary curriculum units. As a result, she was invited onto the team that created an interactive teaching kit (the IT KIT) for Silver Burdett and Ginn's nationally recognized reading program.  One exciting project led to another and then to the birth of Kids at Heart in 1994. During the 1990s, Becky enhanced her skill set by achieving another degree. Her masters level work included the hands-on experience of crafting individualized curricula and therapeutic treatment plans in a psycho-educational setting.


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