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Why Work With Us

We care.
We listen
We produce.

We’re delighted by our industrywide reputation for creating innovative, accessible, exciting, and effective materials.

Clients value our ability to help them think, from the development stage, through an educational program with all its complex components and processes. Some engage us on a consultancy basis, others ask us to join – or even manage – a creative team. Some clients bring us in when it’s time to develop a prototype or design curriculum. We can and will work with clients at any and every stage of the process.

A word about fun. We’re very committed to the notion that learning can be fun. We believe that having fun during the entire creative process results in engaging materials everyone can learn from and enjoy.

Clients we serve: 

  • Print and media-based publishers
  • Children’s museum exhibits and curricula
  • Game-based learning companies
  • Non-profit educational organizations
  • Children’s health and welfare organizations
  • School districts

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