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Author | Lyricist | Content Creator

Becky Manfredini

Becky Manfredini is a longtime author and writer of children’s songs, videos, and educational materials.

As a former elementary school music teacher with postgraduate degrees in education and clinical psychology, Becky has dedicated her career to creating all things educational for publishers, nonprofit foundations—and most importantly—kids!

Recently, Becky and her husband, writer and journalist Matt Jaffe, took the plunge and moved from Calabasas to Cambria, a charming village along California’s Central Coast. Every day, they head out for a hike along the coast, soaking up spectacular sunsets and spotting wildlife, from elephant seals to the zebras at Hearst Castle. This soulful place has inspired Becky’s creativity. She is developing projects for people both young and old—and puts her heart and soul into each and every one.

Becky Manfredini ~ Author, Lyrisist and Content Creator

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Children’s Books by Becky

Slug and Snail Search for Home and Slug and Snail Search for Love, published by The Pilgrim Press, feature an unlikely pair of friends who go on epic journeys to discover the meaning of home and love.

Becky’s creative partner in all things Slug and Snail is Meredith Gould, artist and author of nonfiction books for adults.

When Becky met Merry, they were five years old and starting kindergarten at Franklin Elementary School in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Moving to different parts of the country and even after losing touch for years, they knew that one day — someday — they’d engage in a special collaboration. And now they’ve created not one, but two books about Slug and Snail, the slowest fast friends for life!

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