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Slug and Snail Search for Home

Published by The Pilgrim Press

Slug and Snail Search for Home, the new book written by Becky Manfredini and illustrated by Meredith Gould, features an unlikely pair of friends.

Author | Lyricist | Content Creator

Becky Manfredini

Becky Manfredini is a longtime author and writer of children’s songs, videos, and educational materials. Her creative partner in all things Slug and Snail is Meredith Gould, artist and author of non-fiction books for adults.

Degrees in music education, fine arts, and clinical psychology led Becky to elementary school teaching before she transitioned into educational publishing. Those adventures inspired Becky to start her own business, Kids at Heart, where she collaborated with publishers and nonprofit foundations to conceptualize and create interactive products, both print and digital.

Since 2019, she has focused on developing educational programs, innovative content, and dynamic learning experiences with her partners at Take 3 Publishing.

Becky Manfredini

Let’s connect! Becky can be reached at: